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Can a 7 year old take nyquil
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The pharmacist told me that my 6 year old could take 4 droppers (.8 ml each ) of the concentrated infant drops to equal the correct dosage for his age.

hi guys! i'm getting a stupid cold! BUT-i used to take nyquil-well store brand. . has anyone taken this and had any affect on their bgs? it has

Just a very little amount to help sleep over night. Waking up every twenty min and not getting enough sleep.

*Help! I

Best Answer: Hi.. my son caught a nasty cold when he was 4 weeks old :( And sadly theres not much you can do.. despite me winging on and on to the health visitor etc .

Best Answer: NO. If it's adult medicine, then absolutely do not give it to them. Even the smallest dose of hit could contain very high levels of acetaminophen which .

Do people actually actually mean the things they say when their drunk? I've heard terrible things and have been yelled at so much when the person was drunk and sober.

Yes but you should use NyQuil Children's. It is unique among the NyQuil line in that it contains no alcohol. It is available in the syrup form only.

Can my dog have Children's Nyquil? My 16+ year old Lhasa Apso has not been eating or drinking due to nasal congestion and some slight coughing for a day Can a 7 year old take nyquil and a half.

I have a 3 year old that is sick and a 21 month old, I can't be laying down all day like I am now. What Can a 7 year old take nyquil can I take to make all this go away?

Best Answer: No, no, no!!! That is so dangerous and is child abuse!! I'd call DCF. that could cause major liver damage or even kill the baby.


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